Php CAPTCHA recognizer ?

By what programs or scripts can I get a high level of recognition of captchas on my site ?

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I advise you to always choose the most advanced solutions for your site, and then you will always be one step ahead of your competitors. Today there is a service here you will find the best captcha solver for your site. This is a popular tool.
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CAPTCHA is a common method for preventing that bots access to resources in automated way. There are many types of CAPTCHA solutions but the most common consists of an image that displays a text usually distorted in some way to make it more difficult for bots to discover what text is written there.One way to determine what is written in a CAPTCHA image is to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) methods. These methods allow to recognize text characters that are written on images.Β This article presents what can be the beginning of a solution of a CAPTCHA solver solution based on a free OCR class written in PHP.
Suppose you are working on a project and you have to download a file. The file link will be provided to you after the login and enter the text of a CAPTCHA challenge.Now what you will do? Either you will login every time with the correct login details and enter the correct CAPTCHA value for getting the link, or you will use the smarter way of CAPTCHA Solver solution and a HTTP request library to get the link every time. Our second option is about an automated solution for you project.
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